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August 18, 2004


Uncle Charlie

No you're not. Too weird, that is.


Too weird for THIS family? Not possible. Recall that you are related to someone who regularly won the Spaz-of-the-Week award back in the glory days of the ORNL Fusion Energy Division Publications Office, for stuff like slipping on the ice and dislocating her shoulder, not to mention starting the coffee machine without bothering to stick the coffee pot under the spout. Sorry, kiddo, despite what I told you when you were small, you do NOT have alien DNA (unless we all have it, but I don't think so).

Aunt Bonnie


Nope. But at least the only thing you're throwing is bananas, not like some monkeys.


I'm going to have to agree with the rest of the family that you've come by your spastic monkey tendencies in a heriditary fashion. This means, of course, that you can blame your mother- just like I blame mine for my unfortunate tendency to blurt out grammar corrects in inappropriate situations. (Thanks a lot, Mom!)

So I guess I'm now an official part of the family blog, despite the fact that I deleted the first invitation thinking it was spam. Sorry about that Laura. On the bright side, I have pictures of your bedroom furniture in a rare state of full assembly which I will post later.


Marcus says I turn into a three-toed sloth when I get stressed. I just sleep. And I get mean. A mean three-toed sloth.

But I think I must have redeeming features. He did marry me. :)

Why? Do you fling poo when you get stressed? It is a basic primate instinct.



Now she already said she was just throwing bananas.


No, she said she was sticking the bananas up her nose. Which is uncomfortable but probably not dangerous -- most of us feel as though we have bananas stuffed up our noses a lot of the time anyway. (Allergies: Proof that human beings don't really need that much oxygen to survive...)

Al (a.k.a. Scolex)

As a now long-time, non-charter member of Nestordom, I applaud this forum. Now I too may vent and rant to those who would not only appreciate it but actually understand arcane references and bizzare theories.

I want to post some pixes! I shall be attempting. Any advice would be appreciated.

This is great Gang!


Arcane references and bizarre theories -- us? You must be joking.

See earlier reference to the ritual chant: "Ork-knee! Ork-knee!"

Or even older and more arcane: "Hankabeater! Hankabeater! Edie Gormay!" (Nell can explain that, if she can stop laughing long enough.)


Hmm. I'll be sure to ask about that this weekend.


Don't forget the dynamite man and termite man and the big bang!!!
Dynamite man lived in the electric outlet , Will told me so.


You told ME about the monster that lived in the storm drain. He is very large and covered with wet leaves. I haven't seen him lately so if anyone knows his whereabouts please let me know.


It is too cold in Minnesota for the storm drain monster. He may be in New Jersey, keeping an eye on Katie and Anna.


I think in Minnesota it's the abominable snowman, or Sasquatch or something. So far nobody has mentioned the ever popular dee-dee in the feezer. We recently had to buy a new feezer--er, freezer and I specifically wanted one that had a dee-dee. It was a little tough to put it in terms the salesman would understand, though.

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