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August 26, 2004



Ah, restoration!


Hooray for us! That looks super. Now you know how to keep it that way. A little Crisco every now and then... or as Grandmama used to say, "If you don't feed your skillet, your skillet won't feed you."


What did you use to clean it?

The first picture of the rusty dutch oven also included a can of Rotel peppers and Velveeta. In the second picture they're gone. You didn't clean it with Rotel dip, did you?


I decided despite the amazing properties of Rotel dip (did you know it will eat through Aluminum foil?) to use vinegar. That took almost all the rust off right away. I followed that will a little steel wool scrubbing and then Crisco. It then spent several hours in the oven on low.

We ate the Rotel dip. I wondered if anyone had noticed that! :)

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