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September 15, 2004



Congratulations to the best bears I know.


Ma and Pa Bear

Thanks for the picture and the good wishes. We spent most of the day in one or another doctor's office in Knoxville for the one-year anniversary of the stent installation. All is well, the arteries are open and functioning. We stopped at Edison Park on the way home and had high tea - a crab cake apiece and divided a piece of Key Lime pie.
All in all, a pretty good day.


Actually, my name does not have an "e" on the Ann. When I gave it to Anne I added the "e" to make it a little fancier. That was my mother's printing, and she should know!


Well, I'll be. I never knew that. But then it took me weeks to learn how to spell Sibyl as a kid so I'm not sure I ever got through the rest of it.

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