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October 30, 2004



Congratulations... I know it's a relief for you. Love the new house.


Yes, the guest room is quite satisfactory. And within a few days, I'll try to post a picture of the library -er, dining room.

In the meantime, let's all try to drink a toast to the Orkney house... and to Mom and Charlie actually living in a gated community.


Best wishes in the new house. In honor of your arrival NJH is planning to steal all of your neighbors' bush-cheney signs. But I'm not sure he'll be able to get there before Tuesday.


Hooray for Niron! I will miss the Orkney house, but we have all been waiting for years to be able to reference the OED during dinner.


If Nyron has any time left over would he please visit our neighborhood too? And maybe he could bring a magic marker the add "Weasel" to all the W signs.....


I've been trying to train Todd's dogs to pee on the Bush-Cheney signs in his neighborhood, but apparently they're uninterested in politics.


You know, it's a shame no one in this family will ever honestly voice their political opinions. ;)


I wish NIron would come steal the B-C signs -- we are WAY outnumbered here. It's too bad about Todd's dogs, but I guess political awareness is a little much to expect from canines, since a great many humans don't appear to have mastered it yet.

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