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November 25, 2004



And that's how Thanksgiving tables wind up with so many dishes on them! Heaven forbid we should give anything up; we just add new things as the family grows. I'm sorry we won't get any lefse and pheasant here in East Tennessee, but I have to stop writing now so that I can go and mash the white potatoes.

Love to all,


And it continues....Sarah took the brown and serve rolls with her to Todd's grandmother's for her first Thanksgiving with them.

Let's all celebrate with grateful hearts! Happy Thanksgiving to all, with love from all of us.

Gotta go baste the bird and fix spinach casserole.


The rolls were a big hit too, even though one set of them were burned on the bottom (next time I bring my own cookies sheets).

I did miss the spiced peaches, though. Maybe I'll take those next time too. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


When I baked the rolls, I cut the oven temperature down to 375 degrees. They still got nice and brown, but they did NOT burn on the bottom (which has happened more times than I care to remember!). I vote we revise the recipe in the family cookbook. (We skipped the spiced peaches this year, too, but they'll be on the table for Christmas.)

I hope you all got plenty of your favorite things to eat!


375 might be better. Or use the air bottom pans. Love, Nell

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