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November 15, 2004



Why ketchup? I guess if you think of the HAM in hamburgers, then it might be applicable to Shatner. He ain't no hot dog, though.


Did anybody catch the Star Trek joke on Farscape the other night? The two dweeby guys are in a real tight spot and one says "We're gonna die! We might as well be wearing red shirts!" Course the other one says, "I didn't get that." Wonder how many of the under 40 viewers did?


This just goes to prove the right-wing conspiracy theory that Theresa Heinz-Kerry is really an alien. No doubt she is outsourcing American jobs to Aldeberan, too.


Well, I didn't see the episode, but I would've gotten the joke. Of course, I got the 2001 and Dr Strangelove references in the Peacekeeper Wars movies, too, so I probably don't count.


Actually, if you meant Stargate instead of Farscape, I think not only did I see that episode, but I did get the joke...

Just more proof that I watch too much TV, I guess.


He's right, it was Stargate. Just goes to show I don't watch enough TV,,,,

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