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November 27, 2004



Is that your house? It's really pretty. but you look cold. Love, Aunt Nell


That is Marcus' parent's house. It is pretty... and it is cold.


Fake dirt and snow in November. Paradise, definately paradise.


Notice it is such paradise I tried to call the mother ship. No luck. Instead the temperature dropped. A LOT. The weather channel informs me that it is 16F and feel like 5F (That means I will leave the house in case of dire emergency only. Like running out of toilet paper.) Time to go knit faster on my mittens.

P.S. Please send toilet paper. :)


Hey, if you want the mother ship, aka N2606X, to come for you, all you have to do is call -- Charlie will be happy to fly to the Frozen North and rescue you before you become a popsicle! We will request a green Christmas just for you.

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