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January 18, 2005



Has anyone else noticed that Condoleezza is a very strange name? says: her mother named her for a variation on the musical direction con dolcezza, or "with sweetness."

Yes. Right. Sweet. Moving on.


What I liked was the response from Sen. Joseph Biden: "The time for diplomacy is long overdue."

Now that Ms. Rice has adopted Kerry's foreign policy, I wonder when she'll be accused of putting France ahead of America...


The woman is a menace to society.


Sadly, Rice is simply a symptom of Bush's philosophy. (Although it's probably being WAY too generous to call it that.) There's really no point in Congress not confirming her, as any other candidate Bush submits won't be substantially different. It is good to see someone on the Bush administration get a little flack about their infallibility complex, even if it doesn't do any good, though.

Props to Laura for actually typing out her first name -and- finding out where it came from. Personally I think it's way too much trouble to spell.


There is always a point in holding someone accountable for not doing their job. I really, really wish someone in Congress had the cojones to hold someone accountable for the misuse of the justice system (prisoner torture anyone?)!


Accountability? Seems I've heard that word used recently. And by our President no less...

Oh yeah, here:

So much for holding people accountable.


The "accountability moment" gets me mad all over again every time I think about it. History will hold these bozos accountable, and for more than a moment, too.


From your mouth to God's ear, but it's going to be hard to wait. I hope to live long enough to see W's presidency ranked at the bottom of the list. Reasons? How about warmongering, grand theft, and grinding the faces of the poor, not to mention (as Sarah says) encouraging the idea that Jesus would have voted Republican -- which does raise the question I'd like to ask Rice et al.: "Who would Jesus bomb?"


Everybody remember to observe "Not One Damn Dime" day tomorrow. Think we could take the money we save and buy pretzels?

Pa Bear

Dr. Rice is the only nominee for secretary of state in ever so long to get 2 no votes from the Foreign Relations committee.
As for the food pyramid, I wonder if anyone has added up the total calorie count for it?


"Who would Jesus bomb?"

...I am SO getting a shirt made with that on it!


You might as well get a whole set made up; you can pass them out at your wedding. :)


Speaking of history, consider

LBJ pulled every dirty trick in the book to get re-elected by a landslide; ended presidency in disgrace.

Nixon pulled every dirty trick in the book to get re-elected by a landslide; resigned in disgrace.

Hmmm.... could there be a pattern here?


Well, except for the landslide. Just because the Shrub thinks he has a mandate doesn't make it so. But every dirty trick in the book, definitely, and a few that are too new for the book...

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