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January 24, 2005



The man has lost his mind.


In case anyone else lives in a box like me (another _graduate_student_ told me I needed to get a subscription to People becuase I was so ignorant!):

You can go there to watch the video clip.

I thought the Count was especially charming. (And one cousin 5 times removed!!)


Clearly the outcome of the election has gone to his head. I wonder how he'd look in a turban?


Actually, I think he's gunning for a crown.


I'm going to have go go along with the "he's crazy" theory. Well, either that, or he has no idea how popular SpongeBob is, and doesn't realize that attacking him is cultural suicide.


Well, the Southern Baptists took on Disney a while back (something to do with domestic partner benefits) -- to no great effect on either the Magic Kingdom or the Kingdom of Alcohol-Free, Women-in-their-Place Heaven as far as I can see. So "cultural suicide" is probably not in the cards. But a bunch of folks who used to think he made pretty good sense have now GOT to be wondering what his problem is.

I am reminded of someone telling Madeleine L'Engle, when the fundalits (fundamental literalists) were running around claiming that her books were full of New Age pagan nastiness, that people generally find what they're looking for.


Do you mean a turban like Professor Quirrel's
If you get a subscription to People, Laura, I'm going to really start worrying about you.(as oppsosed to only sort of)
I think Dr Dobson needs blog therapy.

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