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January 26, 2005



That was uncalled for. And mean.


I agree -- that was mean. Be careful, Elizabeth, or the fates will punish you by ensuring that your adult life is spent somewhere other than Tennessee, and without the amenities of Minnesota. (And yes, there are some. It's just that warm weather in the winter isn't one of them.)


They did come out and bite me.. My car battery died through no fault of my own, and I was stuck out in the wind as the day cooled down with no coat. That will teach me to gloat.


Yeah, shouldn't rub it in.


It definitely came back to bite me.. Now it's 31 with a windchill of 23. Darnit..


And to think it was a sunny 66 degrees here yesterday.

...I win. :-)


They pay me to learn, and I get to live with my husband. I'm not losing.


Those fates are a mean bunch of *****. Hang in there everybody, spring will come again soon. In no time we'll all be boiling and wondering how we could have missed the heat.


Yeah, come August you'll definitely have the better end of the deal.

And if it makes you feel any better, we're supposed to have an ice storm tonight. There's not a jug of milk to be found in any store in Northern Alabama.

Pa Bear

I bet all the beer is gone, too, not to mention toilet paper and bread...

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