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January 20, 2005



Bush's Inagural Address seemed to indicate that -he- would happily bomb anyone he feels deserves it, but I guess we knew that already.

Fortunately the ironies of the situation can be quite satisfying:

Bush used the word "freedom" 27 times and liberty over a dozen, but over 100 city blocks in DC were shut down and another 100 restricted in the name of security.

The US Government is sending the city of DC a $12 million bill for said security.

Bush didn't specifically Iraq at all in his speech, but another bomb was exploded there today. (Sadly, some people were reportedly hurt, but the irony is still there.)


I was going to go with CafePress myself for the WWJB shirt. Now I just have to make up a nice graphic. ;-)


I take that back. The one you posted at Ban T-Shirts already has a wonderful graphic. :-D

Pa Bear

DC gets the $12 million bill for security, but we get the bill for all the military that were involved.
At least one letter in the News-Sentinel asked how much Pilot and the Haslams were donating to tsunami relief - they coughed up $100 K for the inauguration festivities.


Ah, but the Haslams expect to get a return on their investment in the inaugural festivities!

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