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February 08, 2005



Too funny for words! Do you suppose there is a place we can order those?


I almost ordered one of those a while back. Instead, I settled for putting it up on my website. You have to understand, I travel places where reading Harry Potter is considered almost as damning as being a Democrat. ;-)


Oh, wait. We have to wait till next election, Cheney and Rumsfeld already have jobs for this term.


I have to admit, it made me laugh. The evangelicals probably wouldn't get it since they shouldn't have read those "evil books about witchcraft" in the first place. BTW, how come they never go after Phillip Pullman?


Who he?


Phillip Pullman is the author of the "His Dark Materials" series (The Golden Compass, etc). At first they seem all nice and harmless and fantasy. And then you realize he is trying to be the anti-CS Lewis. He has major, major issues with religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular.

I noticed that his books got lots of recommendations until the 3rd in the series came out and everyone realized that he had a hidden (and rather insidious) agenda. An interesting read for older people, though.

The Voldemort sticker is clever. But it is falling into the same trap that the republicans have been trying to set--that everyting is either good or evil, black or white and there are no grays and should be no dissention for any reason.


My favorite bumper sticker from the past election was definitely this one:


That's exactly my point about Phillip Pullman. How can these folks, who find Harry Potter to be such a menace, overlook him? I heard an interview with him on NPR at some point, and he really does consider himself the Anti-C.S. Lewis.


Well, The Golden Compass was never quite the phenomenon that Harry Potter was. Apparently the Evangelicals only get their shorts in a twist over bestsellers.

Da Vinci Code, anyone?


I read somwhere that they're making movies of the Phillip Pullman books, but removing the religious elements. Apparently, Pullman claims his books can be about any kind of authority. I don't really see how that's going to work with the third book, but it should be interesting. A movie should get the nuts to read the books, and then I'm sure we'll get some Harry Potter-like bruhaha.


I loved the Da Vinci Code, but I seriously don't understand the uproar it has caused. It's FICTION, folks. Course, people are upset about Harry Potter polluting the minds of our youth don't think twice about allowing their precious youngsters to watch all knds of filth on TV. At least these kids are reading.

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