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February 19, 2005



We have a few daffodils blooming in the yard.The weather this coming week is supposed to be mild and wet, so there should be more.


One or two daffodils and a few crocus. Otherwise, pretty much like yours except without the snow.


What is the red arrow pointing to?


Our vegetable garden is approximately under the red arrow.


Actually, our snow melted (including Katie's snow horse) but what we tend to see this time of year are oodles of deer droppings and our shrubbery badly pruned by deer teeth. Nasty little varmints...even if they're beautiful to see.
Laura and Marcus, hang in there. Keep the cocoa steaming and the sweaters warm! And oh, yeah, wear the "I qualified for raw bits" sweatshirt.



If it's any consolation, according to the weather channel website it's colder here in New Jersey than it is in Minnesota. Now that's counterintuitive!

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