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March 16, 2005



Does that mean colleges are promoting a gay culture by having men live with men (and women with women)? I think they might be promoting filth, but not homosexuality...


Charlie just said that someone should write to Marshall Field's and ask if they've heard about Jesus and the 12 disciples. It definitely appears that all of them were men!

Somewhat more seriously, a little Jungian psychology goes a long way here: "The ego, or conscious self, is all that we think we are and aspire to be; the Shadow is all that is repressed and rejected and denied about ourselves. The Shadow, unconscious in most people, tends to be projected on some enemy, whether the enemy is individual or collective."


Oh, for pity's sake!


I have heard it suggested that the fact that they brought Snow White to live with them gets them off the hook on that charge.


My fiancee's mother told me in all seriousness the other day that you have to watch out for the gay agenda on the Disney channel, because it's there and very threatening to the children of today. Sigh.


DISNEY has a gay agenda? Guess I'm just not watching enough kid's movies/TV.


When correctly viewed,
Everything is lewd!
I could tell you things about Peter Pan,
and the Wizard of Oz- there's a dirty old man!

- Tom Lehrer

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