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March 18, 2005



Good to know. I reeally like the alien mind transmissions....."uh, what's that, Baldaur?"


Hmm, I don't see any instructions for use of the footnoterphone, though. Someone should probably write them and let them know they forgot something.

Michael C

I was checking traffic on my site ( and noticed you had linked to it and whatnot. I just wanted to thank you and say how glad I am you appreciated it enough to do that. I hope this doesn't seem weird, but it's such a kick for me that actual people from all over the world are digging something that I've created that I've been making an attempt to give a shout out to the folks who are linking to it in their blogs and message boards.

While I'm here, I might as well plug my other site:

It's just a site for my Chicago tour guide business, but it has tons of photos and stuff about Chicago. If you're interested in Chicago you'll definitely dig it. If not, thanks again for mentioning

Michael Corcoran

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