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March 22, 2005



I hardly consider it fair that your flower is perfectly lovely, but my daffodils died in the last frost. Silly wussy southern daffodils..

The picture is absolutely beautiful!


Look at that brave little daffodil!


Poor Laura! But there you are, the daffodils know it is spring, and it won't be too much longer until things really do thaw out.


Actually that daffodil was blooming inside--it just had a photo shoot outside (the crocuses aren't even out of the ground yet!). I was thinking today about those light white Easter dresses we wore as kids. Not much call for those up here.


Well, Easter IS early this year.


It will come eventually. Our daffodils have done their thing and gone. The white ones should bloom soon. Bloodroot is blooming now.


And today, someone switched on the Bradford pears. Honest, that's what it looks like -- they all bloom at once, wham-o.


And with Spring come the Allegra refills. Not everything about spring is all fun and sun, ya know. ;-)


Oh sure, but I'll take sneezing over freezing any day!


Snow does not mean lack of sneezing. :)
But, my tulips are actually coming out of the ground--brave souls, and the robins are back. I saw 6 (robins not tulips) on my way to the bus stop this morning.

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