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July 16, 2005


Pa Bear

Looks like a good time was had by all, gas price not withstanding. There was a sign on TV recently in which the three grades were listed as "Arm, Leg, and First-born."


We DID have a wonderful time, although the picture makes it clear that some of us need to go on that Chet Atkins diet. Sadly, this situation was not improved by our subsequent venture to Grand Marais, where the fresh fish out of Lake Superior and the strawberry rhubarb pie at a restaurant called the Angry Trout put all thoughts of picking at food out of our heads.

So, speaking of food, what is a sandwich loaf, then?


It's that thing with the read arrows pointing to it in the picture above. Apparently they were popular at church suppers a couple of generations ago. They have layers of bread and salad (as in ham or chicken). And then they're _iced_ with this mayonaisey like stuff. It was very strange. I was curious if it was a regional thing as well as a generational thing--I saw them at a bridal shower. Everyone from MN over the age of 55 or so knew what they were. The rest of us were clueless. (I personally thought I was having asparagus and cake for lunch.) Oh--and fruit salad with (what else) marshmallows.

Please pass the biscuits, someone!


So it's a way of putting all the traditional food for a picnic of a lot of people all in one dish? Sounds efficient, if very strange to eat...

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