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September 14, 2005



That rings the same tone as I wanted to write in when I had to write an essay in social studies for punishment for a crime which I was not guilty of. But I didn't, because then knowing the teacher I would have gotten detention for the rest of my life.


Actually, this reminds me of the crazy things I saw people (whom I had previously thought to be very intelligent) do in general physics labs such as...asking why a calorimeter used in a Joule heating experiment was not showing an increase in temperature when the lid was on upside down and the heating coil was gently warming the air above the calorimeter...or the PV = nRT experiment where the experimenters asked where to get the reference value for their mercury barometers...or the time when the solenoid unraveled spectacularly when connected improperly. Sigh! Physicists are a misunderstood bunch! I must say that I'm glad I didn't get reports with these expletives.


I did some pretty crazy things in chemistry labs. I always seemed to be doing some bone head thing. I did one whole experiment with the cuvette in the spectrophotometer the wrong way around. And I frequently got yields of next to nothing. I guess it's good preparation for grad school.


Reminds me of the results I got trying to do the Millikan oil drop experiment. Would you believe an electron charge of 6.7?


I imagine everyone doing an undergrad lab has wanted to write that report at one time or another, if only to make it long enough; most of the time it seemed like I had a choice between about three lines, or else rewriting the lab directions.

Oh, and ROFL!

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