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September 11, 2005



Congratulations to everybody!! He is a beautiful baby.

(Thanks for the pictures, Sarah.)


I have to say he kind of looks like a baby to me, but then again, I say that about all babies. But like Laura said, congratulations to everybody who has them coming.

Jessica Garcia


Pa Bear

Born on his great-great grandfather's birthday. Ma Bear's father was born on 9/9/1899.


Congratulations, Elizabeth and Josh! And to Nell and Steve and Josh's parents and to all of the grandparents! And welcome to the world, Daniel Benjamin! What a cute baby. Wish I were rocking him right now!
Love, Aunt T


He's cuuute! I think that's a funny picture of the cat in the bag... Congrats, Elizabeth!


He is a lovely baby -- congratulations! Is that hair going to be red? Because if it is, I might have to steal him. Beware!

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