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October 31, 2005



I didn't get a chance to dress up, although my coworkers were thoughtful enough to print up a Yoda mask for me. They printed masks for almost everyone in our immediate group. Amused I was, yes. Looking forward to other stories and pictures I am, hmm?


I actually forgot it was Halloween until I got to work. Then we got home so late that I was too busy handing out candy to ZILLIONS of children to dress up. :-(


Katie was a black cat, and Anna was Violet from "Mr. Incredible". Pictures to follow soon! I missed seeing Anna trick or treat because of a department faculty meeting. Now THAT was scary!


I dressed up as a responsible adult. 8-)

No, really, I wore a suit to work because I had to give the Lab overview to new employees. And then I missed getting to see the trick-or-treaters because I worked late and didn't get home until almost 7:30, by which time Charlie had given all of the candy away and turned out the porch light. But the Lab Director goes to China tomorrow and life will be calmer for a while.


Well, that was a costume alright! Really I think finding my pharmacist dressed as a panda might be more than a little disturbing. I went as a doctor, if that's not scary, what is?


I was a cat, as it says. I had... claws! I just poked some modified fake fingernails through some stretchy gloves... those of us who dressed up didn't have to change for gym! :D


Man, where was your gym teacher when I was in junior high? I'd have dressed up as practically anything to get out of changing for gym!!!

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