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October 02, 2005



I suspect some prime weed is the inspiration for most of it.


Easygoing is not really how I would describe any of my cousins. Hard headed, determined, single minded, but not easygoing.

Remember, Sarah, you are supposed to be cooperative, not competitive. Damn Social Tea Biscuits.


LOL! Cooperative. I'll try to remember that. *grin*

Thanks for the birthday wishes!


"I'm a Libra."
"Oh, son of a book, are you?"
Flanders and Swann


Could someone please explain the significance of Social Tea Biscuits in this conversation? I'm obviously missing out on some inside joke here.


Well, does one of you want to tell him or shall I?


I'm the mommy of the victim, I'll tell.

So, a long, long time ago, when Laura was about 4, and Sarah was about 2, we were all out at Merriwater, and MomBear had a box of Social Tea Biscuits. Laura asked for one. You must remember that Laura, while ferociously bright and decidedly competitive, had trouble with certain letters (L and R particularly) when she was small. So what she said came out something like "Please may I have a So-sha Tee Bistick." MomBear said, "No, Laura, it's a Social Tea Biscuit." Laura tried again, with the same result, whereupon Sarah looked up, and with Ab-So-Lute-Ly Per-Fect Dic-Tion announced, "Social TEA Biscuit!" Laughter from assembled adults, much glowering from Laura, glee from Sarah.

These nice little cookies have vanished from this area, although it appears they are still available other parts of the world.


OK, now I get it. While I'm asking questions, who drew the really cool picture?


The picture is by an artist who calls himself Sam Brown. He has a Web site, -- and there's bound to be a story there, but I don't know what it is. It can only be coincidence that the September 22 cartoon at also has to do with canine bombs (and editors).

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