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November 25, 2005




That is wonderful! We were doing our share of animal sacrificing and feasting up here, and I feel very lucky to have gotten to do it twice in one week.

I am reminded of the David Holt song, Slow Food, that we heard last week at the Doc Watson concert. All about how homemade food is so special because only people who love you take the time to make the really hard to do stuff.

What a lot to be thankful for!


By the way, does blogging count as archiving?


Now that you mention it, I suppose it does!


We had turkey roasted and also Steve's dad fried one (incindiary animal sacrifice? hope not!). Hope everyone had a great time.


Totally brilliant. But why no excavating? Let Blegen dig you a garden plot so you can grow some vegetables to go along with your burned animals. We had roast turkey (thank you, PaBear!) and maple-glazed ham from Vermont (thank you, Charlie!), and there was much rejoicing. But we missed everyone who was feasting elsewhere. I think we all need to sail to Greece and demand to have the ancestral Palace of Nestor returned to us, who are clearly the true heirs. We got your animal sacrificers, your large-scale feasters, your archivists -- and the name. To arms!


She's right. But I don't know if we can all get tickets to Greece this time of year, and come to think of it, would we want to own real estate in Greece?

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