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December 16, 2005



Ooh, your creche is lovely! You need to post another picture after the baby Jesus arrives on the scence, please.

Re: the charlotte, I think I asked Nana about the ladyfingers one time, and she just sort of sniffed. Of course I have no idea what she'd say about the Framboise, much less the Godiva liqueur. And I still mentally apologize to her every time I make the boiled custard in the microwave.


I also see (thanks to MomBear for pointing this out) that the Three Kings have apparently made it as far as the banks of the Nile, where the amorous hippopotamus lives. At least I assume that is why the white hippo is standing between the first two kings.


We were that the hippo might have designs on them... perhaps that's one of the reasons why it takes them so long to get there.

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