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January 29, 2006



Yah! 99 percent. I bet your mother will score 100.


Hmmm. Apparently a lot depends on how you answer the questions that have more than one answer (e.g., the one about Shakespeare's sister).


Wow. I am impressed.


They appear to figure percentages by age groups. They probably had only two people in my group.


I scored a 63, which was only higher than 9% in my age and gender, but then again, I've been more of a computer geek than an English nerd for quite some time now.

Plus, I'm sure I got the question about the New Yorker wrong. Other than the cartoons, it's pretty boring, really.

And some of those guys I'm pretty sure I'd never heard of at all.


84. Not bad for an engineer, eh?


84, which is pretty good considering that my choice for the answers of at least of couple of them was "Huh?" True English nerd..don't really think so.


I got 78, which put me in the 99th percentile for age and gender. Again, I suspect their sample size is pretty small.

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