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January 14, 2006



"Newly generated TCR microclusters." Is that like a real little cluster? Most of the ones I encounter are big clusters. :>


Well, it did bring to mind the term, "cluster f*ck"...


Well, that was what I had in mind.....


Rolling the dough thin is not traditional. They are supposed to be round, like nuts.


I've often thought that our version of pfeffernusse is some kind of Southern mutation. I googled around for some recipes, and while they have several common ingredients (cardamom, for example), all the recipes I found call for the round shape.


Yes, I've actually had people tell me I make pfeffernusse "wrong". But, I like the crispiness you get with rolling it flat. Do you know who started rolling it?

Pa Bear

Probably my great grandmother, Maria Luisa Rollwage Nelson, or her daughter, Louise Christine Nelson Nestor.

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