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January 29, 2006



Cool! Did you all set off fireworks or eat anything special to celebrate?

One of my friends here recently introduced us to mochi (good luck dumplings) so I think we'll have to make some of those this week.


Well, on Friday, the Chinese Club set up a little painting demonstration outside the cafeteria, so my Chinese teacher took our class to see it. Then today she gave us candy. That's about it- I attempted to get our family to eat stir-fry yesterday (would've eaten it with chopsticks) but we had pork chops instead. They were good, though.


The dog is exceptionally cute. Katie, you need to look up the twice-cooked pork recipe in the "Oak Ridge Cooks" cookbook -- if you all don't have one of those, I can send you one (I think -- I can certainly post the recipe). You can make it with pork chops, and it's easy and good.

I'm afraid that I celebrated Chinese New Year by going to the Homeland Cafe (not Chinese) and eating duck breast (kind of Chinese?), but it was a work-related thing. So, no firecrackers or money in red envelopes... sigh.

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