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February 03, 2006



I just noticed they've made these from famous books and the constitution, too. I like the Pride and Prejudice one.




I tried making a word cloud for the forum for my school's anime club. All the useless words (like password and stuff) came up... oh well..


Your school has an anime club? Wow. And we thought we were so cool because we learned to play bridge. Oh, and we played Jeopardy (en Fran├žais) in French club. But that was about as out there as it got, approximately one hundred million years ago.


We played Scrabble in one of my French classes. It was supposed to be played in French, but no one in my group would use French, silly people.


We had to play Jeopardy this morning at safety training... They told me I had to stop answering all the questions (which I didn't because it goes faster if you just answer and get it over with...)


Qu'est que c'est "anime club"?
"Les lacets de souliers de ma grandmere sont sur le plafond"
_Charles de Gaulle


That explains the velcro shoes then...


A Valentine thought. Ogden Nash said it best:
"Whenever I think of days gone by,
I think how evening follows morn;
So many I loved were still alive, So many I love were not yet born."

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