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June 08, 2006


Pa Bear

Sort of what we used to do with salted peanuts and RC colas...or with vinegar and soda.


It's probably a good thing you don't try this in your experiments -- these are really messy!


Yeah... about half way through all I could think was, 'it must be sooo sticky!'


OH yeah. I am SO going to have to get my science teacher to experiment on Diet Coke and Mentos now... myeheheh... eheh.. okay, I'll stop laughing now...


If she gives you a hard time, I just found out there was a story about this was on NPR. NPRwill overcome most teachers' scruples.

Katie Nestor

I showed her (and thus half the class) the video. My friend and I also determined that Orange Tic-Tacs do not work like Mentos. They react... like ice cubes. Yep, they do nothing. However, putting the cap on a bottle of Coke (a small one, we scaled it down to 1/4 size), shaking it, and throwing it into the street where it is then run over by a car is just messy. So much for that package of Tic-Tacs...
We videoed it, too. At the end we said, "Next time we use Mentos." Mwahaha. Also we determined that Diet Coke and Orange TicTacs taste rather odd...

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