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July 17, 2006



Thief!!! I've raised a word thief! BTW, the definition is "a system containing at least three geeks in a (nearly) straight line in a gravitational field. Now, let's see...what would the field strength of the Nestor clan be? (I'm counting myself so please don't hit me!)

P.S. I'm also raising a scrabble nerd. But she's not a killer...she optimizes for cool words more than for a high score.


HEYYY I go for the cool words that get high scores!!! rawr!



Pa Bear

The sun, moon, and earth are almost in a straight line twice a month, at new and full moon. Tides are higher and lower then; the range is smaller when the moon is at either first or third quarters. As for geeks, the field is transmitted by the exchange of virtual pie plates...


I am never playing Scrabble with any of you. Ever. But, man, it sure is fun to watch!

P.S. Katie-- Have you read _The_Goose_Girl? (It's below your reading level and so it's probably off the radar, but I thought it was a very entertaining read.)


Me, me! I want to play Scrabble with my fellow syzygeeks! (Charlie says he will, but then he never does.) But I don't think you could characterize any assemblage of the Nestor clan as overburdened with gravity. Hilarity and sarcasm, yes -- gravity, no. Hmm, the virtual pie plates, though -- that is an important matter, perhaps adding some gravity, plus gravy if you're talking meat pies.

David said that someone at work informed him that he is pedantic. To which the only appropriate response is "You say that like it's a BAD thing!"

Katie Nestor

Gamecubes with multiplayer games (Especially Super Smash Bros Melee) seem to create syzygeeks. I'm surprised that some kind of asteroid or whatever hasn't crashed into CampTech Computer Center yet... so many overlapping syzygeeks...


A fellow who lives here has written a book about Syzygy. HIs name is Johnnie Godwin and he is a retired Baptist minister and thorougly nice guy. The book is probably available on Amazon, or I could probably get him to sign a copy if anyone wants one.


PS The book is called "Sygyzy: Living a Powerfully
Aligned Life."

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