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November 08, 2006



The surprising thing to me is that (according to the Guttmacher site) nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended. If we could address this issue, then the number of abortions would presumably drop to practically nothing. Sadly, there are still health insurance plans that don't cover birth control pills -- aside from the fact that there is only one 100% foolproof method of preventing pregnancy, and many people find that method, shall we say, difficult to practice.


I am not so surprised that nearly half of pregnancies are unintended. In fact, I would not be terribly surprised if some of the participants in this blog were the result of unintended pregnancies. I'm awfully glad that said pregnancies were permitted to come to term.

However, given that 2/3 of those obtaining abortions are never married individuals, perhaps birth control pills are not the preferred solution, especially when one looks at the statistics given for contraceptive use. I suspect more complex underlying issues require a multifaceted solution.

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