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February 24, 2007



They show up just fine for me. I'm totally impressed, plus I love the drawing of the pig. It sounds like chaos is entirely appropriate for the Year of the Pig, too -- all kinds of gloom and doom forecast by some.

Katie Nestor

Yep, most days now instead of the Chinese classroom we go to the auditorium, where we hide in the dark or behind the curtains until Mrs. Tsai arrives and starts yelling at us, the guys all start singing and dancing to the point of hilarity, and then we all jump off the stage when the bell rings. When we do go to class, we get all sorts of rants about how the Italian classes are evil and they stole the scissors, or why she hides the tissue box in her bag, or what Confucius Say. We haven't learned much this year, it's kind of a joke...
I'm glad the characters showed up. Some computers seem to have problems with displaying them.

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