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March 16, 2007



Oh, how cool! So if you have more kids, they keep each other entertained -- or at least occupied, so they don't ask the dreaded question. Of course, there's probably also an equation for long it takes for a parent to say "Cut that out or I'll stop the car," in which number of children is also a contributing factor...

Katie Nestor

That would all have to depend on the first equation, because it would be all that plus another quantity involving number of times the question was asked... right?


What are the values of alpha and beta? There should also be a term in that equation related to the amount of orange juice consumed prior to departure...


And who says math isn't useful in real life?


I looked up the professor's page. He explains alpha and beta here:

Nice idea. I wonder if it actually predicts with any accuracy though.


The F1s among you will remember our trip to California. You may also remember there was a bag of books which could not be touched until the return trip.

Katie Nestor

Uhh... what has orange juice got to do with it? I understand about liquids in general, but is there something special about orange juice?

...I always knew that stuff was evil.... :)


The F1's will remember Nana's insistence on giving you orange juice just before departure. There were frantic cries of "gas station" at Spring Hill or Franklin.


I remember a trip to the beach during which certain F2s consumed large quantities of an evil beverage called Sunny Delight, after which repeated stops had to be made in small South Carolina towns. I think in that case it was the grown-ups who wanted to ask "Are we there yet?"

Katie Nestor

Oh. I get it now.

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