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October 31, 2007



Great costumes and great pumpkins! Thanks for sharing.


Memo to self: Find Katie a serious sword and recommend one of the goofier medieval helmets, like a sallet or something.

I love it that you have REAL costumes -- not the cheesy stuff from Party City!


Love the costumes... Thanks for sharing!

Katie Nestor

yay for spraypainted posterboard armor! it was really easy to make.


And it looks a lot nicer than the posterboard armor I made... but I did have a helmet.

And a yardstick and aluminum foil make a really good sword.


Great costumes! I hope you guys had a lot of fun.


I really like the costumes. I remember how much fun we used to have putting them together. One of my favorites was Nell's "I dream of Genii" costume with a margerine tub for a hat! And then there was the year when people went as the people from "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh."

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