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June 13, 2008



Okay, I cheated on No. 1 (using Google Image Search), but I think I got it:

1. Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison

2. Mayfield Dairy, Athens TN

3. American Society of Science & Energy, Oak Ridge

Wisconsin has a cool capitol. I originally guessed Minnesota, which is also nice but has windows in the dome.

WRT the Van de Graaf generator, I remember your Mom doing the same thing when we were kids. Of course, back then it was the "Museum of Atomic Energy".



I am impressed at your figuring out the Madison capitol. They also have a fantastic farmer's market that stretches the whole block around the capitol. It would be a good stop on the way to see us in Minneapolis (where if you come this summer, we'll take you to the Star Wars exhibit at the Minnesota Science Museum)!


Star Wars exhibit? Seriously?


I might be unreasonably excited about this:


Unreasonably... excited?
You mean that there's actually some level of excited for that that's considered unreasonable?
(insert semi-nonsensical string of letters in caps lock here)

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