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July 03, 2008



I had such a great time.


Likewise. I had a wonderful time. A big thank you to everyone involved, for the lodging, food, and just for showing up!


It was great to see everyone! I only wish there was a way to get together more often.

Thank you again to everyone for the baby shower and all the wonderful gifts. :-)


It was a lovely time -- and because we got to bring home lots of leftovers, tra la, we have continued to enjoy the food. Thanks to all, especially to the Bears!


It was great! Thanks, as above.


I was going to do a cartoon that chronicled the major events of the vacation for a blog post. I might still.

It was an awesome vacation (apart from people getting sick) and I had a lot of fun.


I'd really enjoy a cartoon of the vacation. Hope you'll go ahead with it.

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