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November 10, 2008



You have great uniforms -- waaaay better than the old Oak Ridge Wildrat Band. Congrats and condolences -- you'll miss it, but you'll never ever get the music out of your head, I guarantee it. I await the video with interest. (Fortunately the photographic record of my career in marching band is sparse!)


Congratulations on a successful year. Does this mean you're having to think seriously about (gasp) colleges?


Personally, I think they look like Star Trek uniforms. It's been fun to watch. I'll miss it, too (mostly).


I just found out today that high school bands can apply to march in the Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C., come January. Deadline is next week, so if you want one more shot at world domination (and I should think the NJ State Champions would have an advantage), hustle over to and see what it says. (Oak Ridge High School is applying. But since the Tennessee Congressional delegation is overwhelmingly Republican, I'm not betting on seeing the WildRats there.)


That sounds like the sort of crazy awesome thing our directors might try, except it's in January. They're too busy running around with the wind ensemble and jazz bands to make us dust off the marching uniforms (and actually get into marching condition again).


Quite an accomplishment, Katie!!

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